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Raising Wild



Raising Wild

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Wednesdays from 11 December at 9:25pm Channel 070

The Hines family was your typical close-knit Texas suburban family, who struggled with the distractions of modern technology.  Patriarch Brett Hines, a former Army counter-intelligence officer and military contractor, was often away on missions while mother Wendy stayed home and took care of their seven children.  After nearly two decades of service, Brett realised how disconnected they were as a family and to the world around them, so he had a vision to create a homestead completely off-grid in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest in America. Using skills and techniques honed by Brett in the military overseas, the family must learn to secure food, power and heat for survival. But as winter rapidly approaches, will Brett’s military experience be enough for them to successfully survive the harsh conditions they must face, and become a closer family than ever?  Raising Wild follows this modern family as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to become homesteaders