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River of No Return



River of No Return

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Wednesdays from 5 February at 9.25pm Channel 070

Set deep in the backcountry of one of the largest, most dangerous and incredibly scenic stretches of unfettered land in the country, lies the Frank Church Wilderness, also known as “The Frank.” The only direct way to access this rugged region of Idaho is a daring flight through steep canyons on a bush plane or a harrowing jet boat journey through Class 5 whitewater rapids on the Salmon River, also known as the River of No Return. Within the 2.3 million acres of secluded wilderness lives a small community dependent on the pilots, boat captains and each other to survive. This new series introduces viewers to the tight-knit community of homesteaders who rely on themselves, the help of their neighbours, and a seasoned set of survival skills to endure challenging and isolating winters.