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Shark Week



Shark Week

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Starts Thursday 5 December at 9.25pm, premieres every night from 7.30pm Channel 070

Summer is fast approaching but there’s only one event you need to be prepping for and that’s Shark Week! Get ready for seven days of shark-infested programming. Shark Week is the best week of the year. Fact. And it’s Subscription Television’s longest-running annual event. This 24/7 takeover is loaded with compelling documentaries that explore these magnificent, mysterious and misunderstood creatures; sounding the alarm on the threats our ocean’s greatest predators face by humans and the environment and highlighting recent developments in shark science. This week of megalodon proportions features shark stories from around the world and down under including Shark of the Badlands (which features Kiwi underwater cinematographer, Kina Scollay), The Sharks of Headstone Hell (with Riley Elliot a shark scientist from New Zealand) Legend of Deep Blue, Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Water & Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing, Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers, , Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe and more.


This year’s Shark Week also takes viewers on the ultimate trip when actor, comedian and retired Marine Rob Riggle packs his bags and dives back into the water for a shark-filled adventure with some of his celebrity friends including Anthony Anderson, Adam Devine, Joel McHale, and Damon Wayans Jr in Shark Trip: Eat, Pray, Chum. Plus, Discovery will premiere Shark Week’s first scripted feature-length film, Capsized: Blood in the Water, a true story about an October 1982 shark encounter, starring Josh Duhamel. Other titles include Return to Shark Island, Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver, Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark, Expedition Unknown: Megalodon, Monster Mako: Perfect Predator, Air Jaws Strikes Back and more.


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