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Why We Hate



Why We Hate

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Sundays from 20 October at 8.30pm Channel 070

In a six-part global event, executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Alex Gibney join forces to uncover Why We Hate. This compelling and confronting series explores one of humanity’s most primal and destructive emotions – hate. By artfully interweaving character-driven stories from all over the world with science and social science research, each episode reveals a different aspect of this universal emotion and its often-devastating consequences. Why We Hate introduces viewers to national leaders who took bold steps toward ending entrenched conflict, as well as demagogues who seized power through fear-mongering and fomenting tribalism.


We hear from white supremacists who boldly defend their ideologies; former jihadists who explain the recruiting methods of Islamic extremist groups; and experts on combating violent extremism. We meet perpetrators and survivors of genocide; playground bullies and their victims; international criminal lawyers; mass shooters, and many more people whose surprising revelations illuminate the darkest corners of our unconscious minds. We follow brave individuals seeking to quash violent conflict and correct misperceptions, hear from former terrorists and architects of genocide, and consider lessons from some of the most brutal and enduring examples of hate throughout the world.


At the heart of this timely series is a central question: if we can understand what hate is, how it begins, and how it spreads, can we find a way to work against it?