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Last Outpost



Last Outpost

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Mondays at 9.25pm Channel 075

Last Outpost takes inventive ingenuity to the extreme in the treacherous turf of the last frontier, Alaska. Backcountry builders Clint Greathouse and Todd Anderson create one-of-a-kind builds, using nothing but recycled parts, out-of-the box creativity, and sheer determination. From souped-up monster trucks to airplane-converted survival pods, these builds will blow your mind, but can they withstand the dangerous Alaskan terrain? The series kicks off with a build of monstrous proportions. Using an old military aircraft tug vehicle, Clint and Todd build an unstoppable monster tow truck that can go anywhere, haul anything and conquer the toughest terrain of Alaska for the owner of an outback search and rescue tow service.