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Kim Possible



Kim Possible

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Disney Channel Original Movie

Friday 5 April at 5.30pm Channel 100

Everyday teen hero Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) and her best friend Ron Stoppable (Sean Giambrone) embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. While Kim and Ron have always been one step ahead of their opponents, navigating the social hierarchy of high school is more challenging than the action-heroes ever imagined. With Drakken (Tood Stashwick) and Shego (Taylor Ortega) lurking in the wings, Kim must rely on her family and friends on Team Possible – Ron, tech-genius Wade (Isaac Ryan Brown), new friend Athena (Ciara Wilson), and Rufus, a naked mole-rat – to stop these super villains.


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We sat down with the cast for an interview - read below! 


Are you a fan of the original Kim Possible animated series? What are your favourite episodes?

Sadie Stanley (Kim Possible): Yes! I was little young for the show when it first came out but I went back and watched pretty much every episode! I think my favourite is "emotion sickness" when Kim and Shego can’t control their emotions! 

Sean Giambrone (Ron Stoppable): Absolutely. It was just such a great cartoon. I wasn't quite old enough to watch the entire series, but I did catch the tail end of it. My favourite episode is Grudge Match from season two. I really like this episode because it balances dating rules with robots, which is a very Kim Possible thing for the show to tackle. 

Isaac Ryan Brown (Wade): Yes! Before filming the movie, I went and watched the entire series and fell in love with it.

Did you work closely with Christy Carlson while filming for the new movie? Can we expect a small cameo?

Sadie: Yes! Christy was so supportive of the project from the very beginning which meant a lot to me and everyone working on it! She gave me the space and freedom to figure Kim out on my own and make her my own and I really appreciated that! She does have a cameo in the movie! She plays a character called Poppy Blu and it was so much fun having her on set – she is such a wonderful person.


Tell us a bit more about your journey in recreating such iconic roles. Did you feel at times pressured to live up to the fan-favourite classic?

Sadie: There were definitely some nerves! I know how much Kim and the cartoon means to people. I also know what she represents and I wanted to continue that in the live-action movie. Mostly, I was just so honoured to be able to bring this world back and share these characters and their experiences with a new generation!

Isaac: It was definitely pressuring because Kim Possible is so popular, so I had to work even harder to meet the expectations needed to ensure I embodied Wade.

Ciara Riley Wilson (Athena): Because the original series has such a large and dedicated fan base, there is definitely a bit of pressure. However, this also makes the return of this Disney classic more exciting! Out movie is meant to introduce the inspiring story of Kim Possible to a new generation and make sure these amazing characters live on. We have modernized certain aspects of the story, but ultimately present the same wit, action, and heart that makes Kim Possible so amazing. I am so excited be a part of a project that brings two generations together.

What are your favourite memories working on the film?

Sean: I think filming all night in the Vancouver aquarium was a favorite for me. Sadie and I had a scene where we landed in the eel tank and we were feeling kind of goofy that night and just splashed around in there. Then when it was a wrap, Sadie dared the director to jump in there with us and he did. Sadie, Ciara and I finished the night by putting on our matching Canadian PJs and went out to breakfast.

Do we get to see a real-life version of the characters’ favourite Mexican fast-food place, Beuno Nacho?

Sadie: Yes! We filmed at Bueno Nacho on the first day actually! They did a really great job of recreating the place!

Sean: Absolutely, and it happens to be one of my favorite scenes because it was our very first day of filming and it was with Sadie and Ciara. It was just such a great time. 

Do you relate to Kim at all? 

Sadie: Absolutely! She is just a teenage girl and she is going through a lot of the same things that I (and most kids) go through! She starting high school, dealing with mean girls, her identity, difficult teachers and more! She’s ambitious and positive like me!


Do you relate to your character at all? 

Ciara: Athena and I are very similar in a sense that we are determined, passionate, and love to make puns. (Athena has some hilarious puns in the movie). I can also definitely relate to Athena when she fangirls over Kim Possible. I’ve met some celebrities and totally freaked out! Athena has many facets to her personality, some of which differ from me, but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Sean: Yes, I do because we both are clumsy at times, but he’s usually lucky on where he lands — like the self-destruct button Kim is looking for.

Isaac: I do relate to my character because Wade is super smart. He keeps pushing until he finds what he needs and he doesn’t give up until the job is complete. I can say the same about myself.

We will see nods or Easter Eggs to the original animated series in the new live-action movie?

Ciara: Fans of the original series can look forward to many nods to the original, the biggest being special appearances by the amazing voice actors from the cartoon cast! Christy Carlson Romano, the original voice of Kim Possible, has a fun cameo playing Pop Star Poppy Blu and Patton Oswalt plays the live action version of his character, Professor Dementor. Kim’s room is also full of little details and calls back to certain episodes of the cartoon, so look closely! Our production design team did an incredible job of paying tribute to the original series through the sets.


From what we’ve seen so far, it definitely looks action-packed with multiple fighting scenes. Did you have to undergo much training and did you perform your own stunts?

Sean: That’s the thing with Ron. I didn’t really have to train at all. I did some harness work and two dives, but I never had to learn any fight choreography. I’m definitely not complaining, because I was eating cupcakes throughout the entire shoot and didn’t have to do a single pushup. Ron isn’t super coordinated, even during fights, so the stunt team didn’t want me to practice too much so I wouldn’t lose my quirkiness. I maybe could have eaten less on harness days, but other preparation like training really wasn’t necessary. 

Ciara: Stunt work and fight choreography was a large component of the movie and one of my favorite parts of filming Kim Possible. Sadie and I flew out to Vancouver, Canada, a month before we started filming primarily for stunt training. I learned hand to hand combat, kicks, shoulder rolls, flips on custom fitted harnesses, and Bo Staff technique (Athena’s specialty in the movie and my personal favorite!) There was an incredible team of stunt choreographers, doubles, and coordinators that were crucial in bringing the iconic Kim Possible fight scenes to life. It was so empowering to do a large amount of my own stunts. It was incredible how the stunt team never underestimated our abilities and let us take these roles head on.

Fans who grew up with Kim Possible understood her to be a strong, empowered female character. What do you think Kim can teach girls of today going through high school?

Sadie: I hope that Kim, as well as the other characters in our movie make kids feel understood. I hope they can relate to what they are going through and become inspired by the way they handle it. I hope they learn the value of friendship. And I hope girls at home specifically feel empowered by seeing another girl take the lead, call the shots, and learn from her mistakes.

Ciara: I believe it is so important for Kim Possible to be brought back right now because of the impactful lessons her story can teach young girls of today. Kim Possible is strong, determined, empowering, and saves lives on the daily, but she’s also a normal and relatable girl who has many of the same struggles everyone has experienced. Our movie shows Kim trying to navigate her first couple weeks of high school and how she handles not getting everything right on the first try. Throughout the movie, Kim and her friends learn important lessons of friendship, self confidence, and learning how to work as a team. After watching this movie, girls of today will be inspired to never give up (even when things aren’t going your way) and know that they are capable of anything they set their minds to.

What’s next for Kim Possible? Will there be more movies to come?

Sadie: I hope so! There’s so many directions they could go when expanding the KP universe and I hope we get to see it continue!


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