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Fancy Nancy Clancy



Fancy Nancy Clancy

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The show follows six-year-old Nancy Clancy, a high-spirited young girl whose imagination and enthusiasm for all that is exquisite transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary - from her vast vocabulary to her creative and elaborate attire. A creator and true optimist, Nancy is unapologetically herself and holds a steadfast vision of what she expects in the world. Her unwavering belief that she can accomplish her grand ideas encourages those around her to pursue all types of adventures. With help from her sensible best friend Bree, Nancy uses ingenuity and resourcefulness to exemplify that even if life doesn’t always go as planned, it's important to make the most of each day and encourage others to do the same. Nancy demonstrates a love of language and invites young viewers to expand their vocabulary by learning French, or, in her mind, "fancy ways," to say everyday words.