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Buddy VS. Duff



Buddy VS. Duff


Thursdays at 8.30pm Channel 018

In an epic competition to end the greatest feud in baking history, Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman go head-to-head in a series of challenges befitting their extraordinary expertise. The pressures of the cake world are showcased in dramatic fashion as soon as the series kicks off, as Buddy walks off set in the first episode – and the tantrums continue – even a misbehaving dog enters the picture. Experts in the field, Buddy and Duff’s larger-than-life personalities are what bring magic to their creations and make the challenges they face so entertaining. They start with a bake-off testing their dessert skills of all kinds, and then they head into the cake-off, where the chefs and their assistants try to out-do one another with over-the-top creations like a classic car cake celebrating Discovery's Fast N' Loud host, Richard Rawlings, and a bridal fair presentation of their ideal wedding cake. The competition comes to a climax with the final, space-themed challenge in Philadelphia, where the judges will crown the winner.