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Food: Fact or Fiction



Food: Fact or Fiction


Season 2

Sundays at 9.40pm Channel 018

In Food: Fact or Fiction join host Michael McKean as we uncover the truth behind America's most popular food remedies. Do carrots really improve our eyesight? Can a bowl of chicken soup cure a stuffy nose? And does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? We dig up some mind-boggling history to find out if these age-old adages are true. There’s much in question when it comes to the origins of our food. Did the frozen dinners we’ve grown accustomed to save the world in World War 2? Was salt the reason the South lost the Civil War? We also take a trip around the globe to investigate were popular international dishes were truly born; is pizza Italian? Were fortune cookies invented in China? And we look at breakfast like never before – is it really the most important meal of the day? And if so, would it be that bad to have ice-cream first thing in the morning? The sweet truth behind treat meals like desserts get the once-over, as we find out if chocolate and romance do go together and the stories behind classic American treats like apple pie and banana splits.