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Man v Food



Man v Food


Season 3

Saturdays from 9 November at 9.20pm Channel 018

Man V. Food is back, and it’s bigger, spicier, and bolder than ever! In the new season, Casey Webb is ready taste the most epic food in America… well, devour it. In this series, the ‘mighty Casey’ heads to Saint Paul, Minnesota, where at Seventh Street Truck Park he explores over-the-top versions of classics served at 1950s style diners; anyone up for the World’s Largest Ice-Cream Sandwich? But this is nothing on Casey’s real challenge at SOTA Hot & Cold, where he vies to be the third person ever to finish four pounds of Thai rolled crepes and ice-cream! Later this season, Casey tackles a 4-pound pulled pork sandwich, a burger with the hottest edible pepper on earth, a ghost chili-infused pizza, an 8-patty cheeseburger, and an 8-pound double crusted pizza. Sometimes the winner is a man, sometimes the winner is the food, but no matter who reigns victorious, you’re sure to be entertained.