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Save My Bakery



Save My Bakery


Saturdays at 5.20pm Channel 018

Family-owned bakeries used to occupy a vital place on Main Streets everywhere, but these days, they are more often run-down than thriving. Enter renowned cake maestro and Australian, Kerry Vincent, who answers the desperate call of bakery owners from around America who are in over their heads. Armed with a spot of tea and a no-nonsense approach, Kerry gives each place a makeover from the inside out, turning stale pastries into delectable deserts and outdated decor into a brand-new, inviting space ... but most importantly, transforming the families who have kept these businesses open.

The first episode of Save My Bakery takes Kerry to Viking Pastries in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Once the most successful game in town, everything changed when the owners were struck by a family tragedy. Since then, the bakery has lost its heart and soul and the family has been relying on aging clientele and old school recipes to stay in business. On the brink of closing, Kerry swoops in to give Viking Pastries' products a facelift that will appeal to the local college community, glittery sprinkles and all.