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Food CIA



Food CIA


Sundays from 7 May 8.30pm Channel 018

Is MSG as unhealthy as some headlines claim? Why do onions make you cry? Why are there closed pistachio nuts in our packs? And why is parmesan cheese so expensive?

Unravelling the mystery behind many of the foods that we eat, UK foodies Kate Quilton, Matt Tebutt, James Watt and Martin Dickie are on a mission to reveal the industry secrets behind our favourite produce, and just how our everyday foods are really made. Travelling the globe, they’ll be visiting supermarkets and producers to ask the simple questions like ‘What bacteria are in my probiotics?’, ‘How is pure squeezed orange juice really made?’, and ‘What is the wax on my lemons?’.

Stopping at nothing to find out the answers, this gang of hungry detectives travel from Liverpool to Swaziland, and from Thailand to Spain, taking cameras behind the doors of factories worldwide. The inquisitive food lovers meet food technicians, scientists, growers and producers to reveal the weird and wonderful food facts that few people know.