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Inside the Factory



Inside the Factory


Season 3

Sundays from 29 July at 8:30pm Channel 018

With exclusive access, Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey explore the production lines behind some of the world’s favourite foods in a new season of Inside the Factory.


Kicking off in the UK, Gregg visits an impressive factory that produces one quarter of all the tea drunk in Britain. It’s here that he turns a 20-tonne batch of tea leaves into 6.9 million tea bags, meanwhile, Cherry Healey discovers the secrets of the tea leaf in an African tea processing plant. Throughout the series they’re joined by historian Ruth Goodman, who reveals surprising stories about each food, including the tale of how the British taste for tea sometimes proved fatal for British tank units in the Second World War!


Throughout the season the dynamic duo also head to Italy, where they discover how it’s possible to produce 150,000 kilometres of spaghetti every day; and travel to the Netherlands to follow the production of creamy mayonnaise from its raw ingredients to the jar.


Gregg gets his hands dirty on the factory floor, where he helps press blackcurrants in soft drinks, and finds out that the chocolate on your digestives is on the bottom of the biscuit, not the top. Revealing how the raw materials of these foods make their way onto the production line, Cherry helps to land cod in Iceland, harvest berries in Kent, and she consults with scientists about the rules of safe defrosting.