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The Wheels of Power



The Wheels of Power


History of Official Cars

Friday 22 November - 8.30pm Channel 073

Adolf Hitler and his Mercedes 770K parade car, Charles De Gaulle and his DS 19, Pope Jean-Paul II and his Popemobiles, Donald Trump and The Beast, his ultra-safe limousine… All these Heads of State have given their cars a place in the great book of automobiles.  Sometimes using these vehicles for their propaganda, certain of them didn’t hesitate to use custom-made cars. Security, luxury, extravagance, signs of power. There are many reasons behind the use of state of the art technology for these vehicles. Since Barack Obama, the American government has invested 14 million euros, and multiplied the most extreme trials, using ever thicker anti-mine armour, and more and more powerful motors inspired by aeronautics and motor racing. Discover the secrets of the prestigious objects that have put their mark on history.