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Time Team



Time Team


Archaeology isn’t just about digging up the mysterious remains of the long dead. It can reveal how we used to live in amazing detail.  The award-winning Time Team series continues with Tony Robinson leading the team of enthusiastic experts and eccentrics as they solve the mysteries and puzzles posed by new unexplored sites. The series focuses on one archaeological dig in every programme with the locations for the digs chosen by the team from suggestions by viewers as to where there might be an archaeological mystery. The team have three days to dig, research and reveal – excavating everything from Paleolithic remains to oddities from the much more recent past.  Illuminating CGI and great experts bring the past to life as the dig unfolds and items buried for hundreds maybe thousands of years see the light of day. Time Team gives incredible access to the process of archaeology – a real life treasure hunt – ’as it happens’. Add in a Roman fort, a buried medieval town, a lost castle, a royal hunting lodge, a cliff top cemetery, a Shropshire village with a hole in the middle and that’s a classic series of Time Team.