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EP_JONES!_Boon_November 2018



Ken and Harry, the old-fashioned 'smokeys' reinvent their lives.

Thursdays 8.35pm Channel 008

A pair of old smokeys (firemen) try their hand at, well, anything legal that you’ll pay them to do in the hit British comedy-drama BOON, on JONES!

Michael Elphick and David Daker star as Boon and Harry, a pair of retired firemen from the West Midlands Fire Service, who place an ad seeking interesting work, with “anything legal considered”, and find themselves taking odd jobs as a courier, a minder, a private investigator – almost anything you can imagine, especially if you’ve got the dough to enlist their services.

Influenced by classic series like The Lone Ranger (right down to Boon’s choice to wear mask-like goggles while riding his motorcycle, the show is a British take on the old Western trope of that hero you need, right when you need). Is BOON the hero you need? Tune in and find out.

BOON stars Michael Elphick (Eastenders), David Daker (Only Fools & Horses), Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly), Rachel Davies (Band of Gold), Amanda Burton (Brookside), Elizabeth Carling (Goodnight Sweetheart), Brigit Forsyth (Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?), Joan Scott (Coronation Street), and Saskia Wickham (Peak Practice).