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British Comedy Movies


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British Comedy Movies

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A Movie Season of Laughs

Fridays from 7 February 8.30pm Channel 008

Join us every Friday night for some of the most funniest films ever made. In February:

ALL THE WAY UP FEB 7: Richard Briers, Warren Mitchell and Elaine Taylor star in the hilarious movie from James MacTaggart about a social-climbing father who will use anything – up to and including poison pen letters and blackmail – to secure wealth for his children through marriage.

UP POMPEII FEB 14: Based on characters from the hit series of the same name, Frankie Howerd stars as Lurcio, who loses a scroll bearing a list of names of the assassins of Nero, and must retrieve it before the city of Pompeii is destroyed by erupting Mt Vesuvius.

THE ON THE BUSES MOVIE FEB 21: Reg Varney reprises the role of Stan Butler in this spin-off from the wildly successful series. In the film, Stan gets involved in uproar following the bus company’s decision to hire women drivers, while Arthur and Olive deal with pregnancy.

HOLIDAY ON THE BUSES FEB 28: After finally causing a major accident, Stan & Jack are sacked from the bus company, but find work driving the tour bus at a Pontins holiday camp. The only problem? Blakey is working at the camp too, as its new security inspector.