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Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman


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Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman

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One Of Our Favourite TV Doctors

Weekdays 3.55pm Channel 008

Back by popular demand, this month sees the return of one of our favourite television doctors, as we go back to the beginning of DR QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN.

Set in 1867, Jane Seymour (East Of Eden) plays Michaela Quinn, a prim, proper and extremely wealthy physician – known as Dr Mike – who sets up her own practice in the wild west town of Colorado Springs after the death of her father. There, she meets outdoorsman Sully, who is a friend to the local Cheyenne tribe, and midwife Charlotte as she adapts to life on the frontier.

Despite the waning popularity of Westerns at the time, DR QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN was a sensation in the mid-nineties, amassing four wins from 19 Emmy nominations, and eventually spinning off into a sequel pilot, titled California, and 19 novels; the latest was released in 2011.

Interestingly, the show allowed fans full access to the set, letting visitors watch the filming of episodes, and interact with the cast and crew between takes.

DR QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN was created by Beth Sullivan (Ponderosa), and stars Jane Seymour (Live And Let Die), Joe Lando (The Secret Circle) and Chad Allen (My Two Dads).