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French and Saunders


EP_Jones!_French and Saunders_April 2017

French and Saunders

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Classic British Comedy

Sundays 8.40pm Channel 008

Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French are one of the most successful comedy duos in the world. Starting as a simple parody sketch show poking fun at popular culture, art and celebrities, French And Saunders quickly became one of the world’s much–loved and lauded comedy shows.

Once you have seen French and Saunders squeeze themselves into the tight fitting Baywatch beach gear, and send up Gone With The Wind, Silence Of The Lambs, Thelma and Louise, In Bed With Madonna, Pulp Fiction and The Piano, You will never see the originals again without laughing.

Special guest stars include Jerry Hall, Mark Knofler, Stephanie Beecham, Helen Mirren, Lulu, Dusty Springfield, and Lenny Henry.