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Gunsmoke: Movie Season


EP_Jones!_Gunsmoke: Movie Season_June 2019

Gunsmoke: Movie Season


Iconic Cowboys

Tuesdays from 18 June 8.30pm Channel 008

The longest-running Western series wasn’t satisfied with 635 episodes of television; it just had to come back for more, returning as five made-for-TV movies starting in 1987 – and you can see all five starting this month on JONES!.

James Arness returns as the iconic lawman Marshal Matt Dillon: now retired and working as a fur trapper in the wilds of Kansas, the first film sees Matt knifed by thieves and brought back to the city of Dodge, where he is nursed back to health by Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake) – it turns out his former nemesis, Will Mannon, has sworn to kill the former lawman, and takes Miss Kitty hostage in exchange for a final showdown and the right to face his enemy in a duel.

GUNSMOKE was created by Charles Marquis Warren (The Virginian) and ran from 1955 to 1975. These films were directed by Vincent McEveety (Columbo), Jerry Jameson (Murder, She Wrote) and Charles Correll (MacGyver), and star James Arness (How The West Was Won), Pat Hingle (Batman), James Brolin (Hotel), Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5), Christopher Bradley (Santa Barbara), Richard Kiley (The Thorn Birds), Amy Stoch (Dallas) and Michael Learned (The Waltons).