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It Ain't Half Hot, Mum


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It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

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Wartime Comedy

Wednesdays 9.10pm Channel 008

Viewers have been asking for it, and we can finally bring it to screens – the hilarious antics of the Royal Artillery Depot’s Concert Party are on full display in the brilliant wartime comedy series IT AIN’T HALF HOT, MUM, starting this month on JONES!.

Set during World War II, in the stiflingly hot locale of Deolali, India, IT AIN’T HALF HOT, MUM follows the aforementioned concert party as they plan and perform comic acts and musical performances for troops ahead of their departure for the front lines.

A huge hit for the BBC when it originally aired – drawing an astonishing 17 million Briton’s every week – the show was considered the “funniest show that David Croft and I wrote” by none other than co-creator Jimmy Perry, and even spawned a UK chart-topper when cast members Don Estelle and Windsor Davies released a version of “Whispering Grass” in 1975.

IT AIN’T HALF HOT MUM is created by David Croft & Jimmy Perry (Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served?) and stars Windsor Davies (Never The Twain), Don Estelle (Not Now, Comrade), John Clegg (Crossroads), Christopher Mitchell (Mr Majeika) and Stuart McGugan (Play School).