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New Mission: Impossible


EP_JONES!_New Mission: Impossible_July 2016

New Mission: Impossible

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Fridays 9.30pm Channel 008

Should you decide to accept this mission…”

In the 1988 revival, New Mission: Impossible, Peter Graves reprises his role as Jim Phelps, the brilliant and charismatic leader of the Impossible Mission force. Summoned out of retirement after 15 years, Phelps organises a new team of I.M.F. agents in order to carry out dangerous and complex assignments.

His hot new team consists of Nicholas Black, a disguise expert and actor; Max Harte, a strongman; Casey Randall, a model-turned-agent; and Grant Collier, the son of Barney Collier, the IMF's original technology expert, and a technical genius in his own right.