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A Real Ripsnorter!

Fridays 8.30PM Channel 208

From Stephen J Cannell - the creator of hit series The Greatest American Hero, The A Team and The Rockford Files - comes the crime-fighting adventure series Riptide, on JONES! too.

Perry King and Joe Penny star as a pair of Vietnam vets who open a detective agency based out of their boat, the Riptide. However, realising that crimes are become more reliant on technology, they recruit their computer-hacking friend, played by Thom Bray, and his problem-solving robot, Roboz.

With a range of guest stars including Geena Davis and George Clooney, and a subversive tone that sends up the genre – often parodying shows like Moonlighting and The A Team – Riptide is can’t-miss etnertainment for JONES! too audiences.