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Western Movie Night


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Western Movie Night

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We’re heading to the wild frontier on Tuesdays

Tuesdays 8.30pm Channel 008

We’re heading to the wild frontier on Tuesdays with a selection of Western films. This month:

THE SILENT GUN (CHANNEL PREMIERE) November 5: Following a tragic accident, the sheriff of a lawless settlement decides he’ll no longer carry a loaded weapon and relies on his reputation to keep order, even as trouble inevitably comes to town.

THE OVER THE HILL GANG (CHANNEL PREMIERE) November 12: In this comedy-Western, Walter Brennan (The Real McCoys) plays a retired Texas Ranger hired to clean up a lawless town alongside a trio of his equally retired friends.

MONTE WALSH (CHANNEL PREMIERE) November 19: Legendary actor Lee Marvin plays the title character, an aging cowboy who comes to the realisation that the West he knows and loves will soon be no more – and may not have a place for a man like him.

THE TRACKERS (CHANNEL PREMIERE) November 26: Sammy Davis Jr and Ernest Borgnine star as members of a posse put together to hunt for a rancher’s daughter kidnapped by a local tribe of Apache Indians in this story of acceptance in the Wild West.