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EP_Jones! Too_Airwolf_March 2019


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A New Kind of Weapon. A New Kind of Hero.

Fridays 9.30pm Channel 208

Briefing from file A56-7W, classified top secret. Subject is AIRWOLF, a Mach 1+ attack helicopter with the most advanced weapon system in the air today, piloted by Stringfellow Hawk, a combat test pilot who has hidden Airwolf somewhere in the western United States, working only with his friend Dominic Santini and undertaking missions of national concern.

Created by uber-producer Donald P Bellisario – of NCIS fame – AIRWOLF started life as a failed backdoor pilot during the third season of Magnum PI, but was eventually put into production on its own merit and became something of a cult action hit: while no such helicopter exists (the actual Airwolf is a cosmetically modified Bell 222 that went on to operate as an air ambulance after the show ended) it certainly appealed to fans of Knight Rider and The A Team.

We hope you’ll love taking to the skies with JONES! too this month!

AIRWOLF was created by Donald P Bellisario (Quantum Leap, JAG, Magnum PI, NCIS) and stars Jan-Michael Vincent (Big Wednesday), Ernest Borgnine (McHale’s Navy), Alex Cord (Cassie & Co) and Jean Bruce Scott (Magnum PI).