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Jake & The Fatman


EP_JONES! too_Jake & The Fatman_December 2019

Jake & The Fatman

EP_JONES! too_Jake and the Fatman_Primary

Joining forces to nail the bad guys!

Weekdays from 16 December 3.55pm Channel 208

Joe Penny and William Conrad star as the titular characters in this hit crime drama: Conrad plays district attorney “Fatman” McCabe, using his gruff, tact-impaired manner and disregard for the rules to get the job done. McCabe often teams up with Jake Styles (Penny), his special investigator who is willing to go undercover and take on the parts of a case that McCabe can’t do himself.

A hit for CBS when it first aired in the USA, the show eventually ran for five seasons, and was spun-off into the hit crime drama Diagnosis: Murder!