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Simon & Simon


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Simon & Simon

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Opposites in Business

Saturdays 8.30pm Channel 208

Rick Simon and AJ Simon are polar opposites – Rick is a war veteran with a cowboy look, AJ Is a college grad with a taste for refined suits; Rick likes trucks, AJ likes classic sports cars; Rick lives on a boat, AJ lives in a house – who come together to run a private detective agency in San Diego, helping the locals with all manner of crime: stolen cars, kidnapping, bank robberies, you name it.

Created by Philip DeGuere (JAG, NCIS), the show was almost cancelled after its first season, but gradually became one of the biggest hits of the 1980s thanks to a Thursday night pairing on American network CBS with the megahit Magnum PI (also starting this month on JONES! too). The series eventually spawned a reunion movie in 1995, and had its opening credits recreated by Adam Scott and Jon Hamm in the 2012 short The Greatest Event In Television History.

SIMON & SIMON stars Gerald McRaney (Major Dad), Jameson Parker (JAG), Mary Carver (Arachnophobia), Eddie Barth (Night Court) and Tim Reid (WKRP In Cincinnati).