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Three's Company


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Three's Company

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Come and Knock on Our Door...

Mondays 9.00pm Channel 208

Janet, Chrissy and Jack are three roommates trying to traverse constant misunderstandings, financial struggles and busy social lives in the hit series THREE’S COMPANY.

A remake of the successful British series Man About The House – even spawning a pair of similar spin-offs, Three’s A Crowd and The Ropers – the titillating, double-entendre-filled THREE’S COMPANY was a Top 10 hit for most of its run, even as it came under scrutiny from religious and watchdog groups. Yet the show is remembered now as one which captured the cultural change of its time, a progressive, sexually-liberated series which took a more adolescent view of the gender politics of the time. And besides, who couldn’t fall in love with that incredible cast!

THREE’S COMPANY stars Joyce DeWitt (Baretta), Suzanne Somers (Step By Step), John Ritter (Hearts Afire, 8 Simple Rules), Norman Fell (The Ropers, The Graduate), Audra Lindley (Revenge Of The Stepford Wives) and, later, Don Knotts (The Andy Griffith Show).