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Your Weeknightly Bread and Honey

Weeknights 8.00pm Channel 008

Meet the Boswell family – a Catholic, working class family in Dingle, Liverpool, who do whatever they can to make a little money, or “bread” – in the hit series BREAD, starting this month.

Named after a cockney rhyming slang for money (“bread and honey”), BREAD is set among the economic downturn and high unemployment suffered by Liverpool in the mid-eighties, with each member of the Boswell placing their earnings into an old-fashioned egg basket at the end of each episode to maintain the house and pay the rent.

A long-running series in Britain, the show was a hit that was eventually spun off into a comic strip for teen magazine Fast Forward, and followed by a stage play titled Bread: The Farewell Slice, despite courting controversy from viewers who felt it mocked Liverpool culture.

Decide for yourself when BREAD starts on April 29!

BREAD was created by Carla Lane (The Liver Birds) and stars Jean Boht (Brighton Belles), Peter Howitt (Emmerdale), Victor McGuire (Goodnight Sweetheart), Jonathon Morris (The Practice), Nick Conway (Coronation Street), and Kenneth Waller (Are You Being Served?).