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Back In Time For Dinner Australia



Back In Time For Dinner Australia


Sundays from 9 February at 8:30pm Channel 017

Guided by Annabel Crabb, one Australian family goes on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure to discover how the post-World War II revolution in the food we eat has transformed the way we live, the fabric of the nation and defined the roles of men and women over the past 60 years. In each of the series’ seven episodes, this food-loving Australian family of five is throwing away their culinary comforts and kitchen appliances, smartphones and snapchat, and turning their back on its 21st Century lifestyle. 

The Ferrones are embarking on an extraordinary time-travelling adventure from 1950 to the future, to discover how the way we shopped, cooked, and ate has shaped our modern-day lives. Back in Time for Dinner offers a unique opportunity to tap into the social, economic, and political imperatives of our times. The family's own home is meticulously transformed back in time from the 50s all the way to present day and finally into the future. Following carefully researched recipes they'll source, cook, and eat the same meals as everyday Australian families in each era. The family will live through the highs, lows and challenges that shaped family life in the 20th Century.