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Escape to the Chateau



Escape to the Chateau


Season 4

Tuesdays from 16 October at 8:30pm Channel 017

In the heart of the French countryside, a magnificent chateau sat empty and abandoned. Forty-five rooms, twelve acres of land, seven outbuildings and moat were all left untouched. As the years passed, its beauty began to fade and its walls crumbled, but three years ago, everything changed when an intrepid English couple paid $280,000 GBP to turn the chateau into their dream home. 

Bringing a forty-five room, five storey house back to life after years of neglect takes hard work and dedication, and engineer Dick Strawbridge and his wife, designer Angel, have proven to have this in abundance. Since they moved in, Dick and Angel have installed heating and hot water and transformed over half the rooms, including three sumptuous guest suites for their wedding and events business. Now it’s time for the next chapter in the couple’s French fairy tale as Escape to the Chateau returns.

This season, with the chateau’s completion more or less done, they’ve started to look to the future, turning their attention to the garden and outbuildings on the chateau’s surrounding lands. Business is booming with seven weddings and fourteen food lovers' weekends to prepare for. A shabby staircase is renovated, rickety old stables are converted into accommodation for Angel's parents and the walled garden is tended.