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The Ganges with Sue Perkins



The Ganges with Sue Perkins


Sundays from 28 October at 8:30pm Channel 017

Comedian and presenter Sue Perkins traces the course of the Ganges, from source to sea, to tell the story of modern India at a crucial point in its history in The Ganges with Sue Perkins.

No other body of water is as important to so many people as the mighty Mother Ganges. It is the economic and spiritual engine that drives the subcontinent. Its waters are vital to 450 million people for food and industry. But as India’s supercharged economy continues to grow, the Ganges is under threat like never before. Beginning her journey high in the Himalayas at the river’s holy source, Sue travels through the agricultural and industrial heartlands of the Gangetic Plain, the holy city of Varanasi and on to the river’s vast delta on the Bay of Bengal.

With her humour, warmth and curiosity, Sue explores the changing lives of the Ganges’ people. From the keepers of the sacred fires at the famous funeral ghats, to the holy men of the mountains; the climate change refugees of the delta, to the devout pilgrims at the source; rich businessmen to poor farmers, these are the characters that make up modern India.


This programme will also be available via SKY On Demand.