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Grand Designs



Grand Designs


Season 14

Tuesdays from14 May at 7.30pm Channel 017

Grand Designs returns with a new season to chart the process of ambitious design and building projects in the UK. Each episode follows different couples and families who are trying to build or improve a property. These projects are anywhere between the wacky and wonderful – and sometimes dangerous. This season opens with a three-storey tree house in Gloustershire that defies the odds, built by two nature lovers who love seeing the world from a different point of view. Presented by design expert Kevin McCloud, explore the hidden passages and secret doors of a fun house near Horsham, twin 21st century farm buildings in Devon, a woodland bunker in Essex that’s fit for an artist, and a hand-crafted recycled house in rural Pembrokeshire that was built for less than thirty thousand pounds. From the initial blueprints to creating a practical living space, the season follows the gruelling – yet rewarding – process of home design, and how bricks and mortar can showcase a lot of personality.