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Great Canal Journeys



Great Canal Journeys


Season 5

Sundays from 17 June at 8.30pm Channel 017

Timothy West and his wife Prunella Scales are headed on their latest water-based jaunt in a new season of Great Canal Journeys. Navigating some of the most breathtaking stretches of canals across the UK, Europe and Asia, each episode tells the history of a different canal network. Along the way Timothy and Prunella meet the local characters who live, work or just enjoy the canals and witness firsthand how canal life has changed over the years.


The couple have been narrow boat enthusiasts for almost four decades, and this fascinating series also gives viewers an insight into their love of boating – and each other – as they approach their twilight years. Full of charm and nostalgia, Great Canal Journeys offers a vicarious encounter with the world of slow travel and the camaraderie of canal life, as well as the chance to see beautiful countryside from a new perspective.


This season, Timothy and Prunella embark on their most ambitious voyage ever – the waterways of India. The couple take on an incredible new challenge, leaving behind the safe confines of the canals to head into the unknown waters of the Brahmaputra river in the far north east of India. Unpredictable and wild, it's now rarely navigated, but in colonial times the river boasted a regular steam service carrying tea, bound for Britain.