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Holmes and Holmes



Holmes and Holmes


Season 2

Tuesdays from 27 August at 9:25pm Channel 017

It’s not all business for Holmes and Holmes, it’s a family affair. Professional contractor Mike Holmes has been working in construction for 35 years, enlisting the help of his son Mike Jnr (or MJ) from an early age. Now an adult and renovation expert himself, the pair team up to buy homes and renovate within the constraints of a budget. They don’t always agree, but what this father-son duo pull off is amazing. Buy, fix, sell is the aim of the game, with their motto to ‘make it right’ ensuring quality above all else in getting these houses market ready. The season follows the development of three properties acquired by Holmes and Holmes for their project, and it all sounds good in theory, but the business of renovating is rarely smooth-sailing. After discovering asbestos in one home, water issues in another, and structural issues, the pressure starts to rise. And if that’s not enough, MJ’s also preparing for his wedding to fiancée Lisa amid it all. Time is money, and there’s still a ton of work to be done before the pair can put a sign up on the lawn and get the houses on the market. It’s a race to complete landscaping and the interior design to boost the properties curb appeal for potential buyers.