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Joanna Lumley's India



Joanna Lumley's India


Sundays from 26 August at 8.30pm Channel 017

Born during the last days of the Raj, India was home to Joanna Lumley’s family for generations. Joanna Lumley’s India follows the actress’s incredible journey across India, as she immerses herself in its stunning landscapes, rich culture and spectacular wildlife. During her exploration she meets unique characters, and learns how independence has made India such a vibrant nation. From Humayun’s tomb in Delhi, where her father proposed to her mother, to the majestic Ellora Caves in Maharashtra, these are the sites that shaped a nation – and her own history.

Joanna meets the Dalai Lama, catches a rare glimpse of a wild Indian elephant, and travels to the Himalayas to experience some of the planet’s highest peaks. She also spends time with the Sikkim royal family, witnesses Mumbai’s extraordinary wealth gap, and observes the Muslim call to prayer in Ahmedabad. This is Joanna’s touching tribute to the place where she was born, and as she retraces her family’s roots, she discovers a nation full of beauty and diversity, and is moved by the warmth of the people who welcome her home.


This programme will also be available via SKY On Demand from 27 August.