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Long Lost Family US



Long Lost Family US


Season 3B

Fridays from 25 January at 8:30pm Channel 017

Many of us take for granted knowing who our parents are and what our heritage is. And most parents delight in the first time they hold their newborn child. But imagine never knowing the people who gave you life, or never laying eyes on the child you gave birth to. Long Lost Family offers a unique opportunity to hear stories from people who have endured a lifetime of separation and who long to finally be reunited with the people they are deeply connected to but who, in many cases, they have never even met. Hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner are both adoptees who have gone on successful journeys to find their own biological families. Their mission is to help others in the quest to find their own long lost family members. 

In each episode, Lisa and Chris attempt to help two different seekers resolve their lifelong searches. The stakes are high: a successful search brings the possibility of not just a heartwarming reunion, but also a chance of redemption for people who have wrestled with emotional agony for years. The journey to find long lost family members is different every time. Utilizing whatever resources they can, from public records and archives, tracing family trees, to cutting edge Ancestry DNA technology, Lisa and Chris leave no stone unturned in an effort to find their target. With everything from closed adoptions to family secrets standing in their way, the path to a successful search is extremely challenging. And as each unique and deeply emotional case unravels, more and more unexpected details reveal themselves. Every family reunion is intensely moving and healing for everyone involved. A lifetime of pain and guilt give way to a new and profound familial relationship.