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Martin Clunes Islands of America



Martin Clunes Islands of America


Sundays from 12 May at 8.30pm Channel 017

Martin Clunes is no stranger to exploring the globe. Following on from the success of the Islands of Britain and Islands of Australia, Martin is on a mission to unearth a side to the U.S. that doesn’t make the headlines. Beyond its concrete jungle aesthetic, its urban surrounds, major highways and consumer culture, America’s coastline is home to over 18,000 named islands, and countless smaller unnamed islands. Documenting a 16,000km journey from the west to the east, Martin shares his enthusiasm for travel and fascination with the unknown. Take a deeper look at the well-known tourist destination of Hawaii and learn about the lava fields that lie beyond its sun kissed beaches and the history of its Polynesian ancestors. Venture further north, as Martin’s journey leads him to Alaska’s glacier-fringed surrounds in search of the infamous Kodiak bear, who has grown larger than a mainland Grizzly since the Ice Age some 12,000 years ago. Visit Puerto Rico and hear how its residents affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017 have overcome its devastation. Also journeying through the San Juan Islands to the Channel Islands National Park, to Avery Island and Delacroix Island, Martin’s keen interest in the islands’ origins, culture and its people uncovers stories that unlock wanderlust, intrigue, and change the perception of what is means to road trip around the States.