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Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?


Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason?


Over 3 nights from Sunday 27 August 8.30pm Channel 017

For the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, Living Channel presents the compelling story of a woman who captivated millions with her beauty and her down-to-earth charm, proving she was more than just the wife of a prince.

Princess Diana was both style and substance: a fashion icon, a humanitarian and a fiercely protective mother. She redefined what it meant to be royal – so much so that many feared she would ultimately bring down the monarchy.

Diana’s death on 31 August 1997 was a chilling event that sent shock waves across the globe. Was she the unfortunate victim of a tragic accident or was she the assassination target of a treasonous conspiracy?

In a special three night television event, Diana: Tragedy or Treason? details the theories behind Diana’s death and provides further insight into the princess herself, the movement she created, and the world she left behind. Featuring interviews with Andrew Morton (author of Diana’s biography), Mary Robertson (who Diana worked for), her bodyguard Ken Wharfe, crash investigators, and more.


Tis programme will also be available on demand from the end of August.