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Property Month



Property Month


Weekends in November from 12:30pm Channel 017

From spectacular home makeovers, to the very best that the property market has to offer, Property Month returns to Living Channel, every weekend in November. Tune in for premiere episodes of Homes Under the Hammer and Property Wars, and the very best of Selling Houses Australia, Nate & Jeremiah By Design and Restoration Man.

Developers Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts, along with former footballer Dion Dublin, meet developers who have bought property at auction in Homes Under the Hammer, where they’ll find out just how much the new owners paid for the property at auction, and discuss their plans for the buildings.

In the world of housing auctions, Phoenix, Arizona, is the gold standard. Property Wars steps inside the world of modern day prospectors, who are risking their money to bid on homes up for auction, but the catch in this real estate transaction is they can't step foot inside the house before they bid on it. They must buy it as-is, mostly sight unseen, which takes a combination of sleuthing skills, experience with the area, and a little bit of luck. Will their gambles pay off?