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Rick Stein's Secret France



Rick Stein's Secret France


Season 1

Sundays from 29 March at 8:30pm Channel 017

Rick Stein embarks on a new journey through the byways of France, from the Channel to the Mediterranean, always on the lookout for things where we, the British, could learn from the French to enhance our lives. Rick's journey begins in the Norman port of Dieppe with turbot straight off the boats, followed by a forage for sea herbs along the Bay of the Somme, inspiring him to cook a memorable seafood gratin. He then heads for southern Champagne, loved by Renoir, whose wife also happened to be a formidable cook. Later, he travels through France‚Äôs eastern border regions of Alsace and Jura, home to his favourite French dish, choucroute garni, and favourite French cheese, comte. He then begins to head inland into Burgandy for a memorable glass of auxey duresses wine and oeuf en meurette with a difference.