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The Royals on Tour



The Royals on Tour


Sundays 3 and 10 November at 8:30pm Channel 017

The British Royals are a part of who we are and who we were, so our long-running fascination with their secrets, scandals, and special moments is no surprise. Our affection for The Crown is as strong as ever, with four million Australians tuning into the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just last year from streets, pubs, clubs, and family homes. This documentary looks at the relationship between The Crown and Australia from 1974 until the present day, exposing the drama of the ‘80s, the impact and legacy of Princess Diana, and the ever-changing and complex rapport between The Crown and the public in modern times. Some may wonder if we need a British monarch as our head of state, but we’re almost always drawn in by the enchantment and sense of tradition they bring to people’s lives.