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Vintage Roads Great & Small



Vintage Roads Great & Small


Sundays from 24 February at 8:30pm Channel 017

Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison go back to the Roaring Twenties to relive the Golden Age of Motoring in Vintage Roads Great & Small. The duo set out on a series of road trips along some of Britain's most beautiful vintage roads. Taking inspiration from old travel guides of the day and travelling the most iconic sights of the regions, they experience the thrills of the era when Britain first fell in love with the motor car and when the open road was a gateway to adventure and exploration.

In this charming series, Peter and Chris follow single track roads form one side of the Scottish Highlands to the other as they retrace the route of the 1930s petrol head pioneers into some of the UK’s most extreme driving country. They then set out from London to motor down the length of the A30, originally an 18th century coach road that runs for nearly 500 kilometres of changing English countryside before reaching Land's End. And finally, Peter and Chris travel through dream driving country into the Rhondda Valley, across the Brecon Beacons into breathtaking Snowdonia. Along the way they meet up with one of Chris' oldest friends.