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Origins: The Journey of Humankind



Origins: The Journey of Humankind


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The story of the most epic and compelling mystery of all: “what made us modern?” Bringing to TV for the first time the tone and sensibility of pioneering digital storyteller Melodysheep, this series zeroes in on pivotal moments throughout the history of humanity. Jason Silva (Brain Games) will guide you on a journey through time as we step back through the twists and turns of human evolution. Moving back in time, each episode starts in the present day and finishes when we arrive at the beginning, the origin of the story. The series will focus on the influence key elements – fire, tools, transportation – have had on history and the world.

In the greatest adventure saga ever told - the story of human civilization – Jason Silva traces the innovations that made us modern in Origins: The Journey of Humankind this month on National Geographic.