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Brain Games



Brain Games


Season 6

Tuesdays from 21 January at 7.30pm Channel 072

Get ready for celebrities to get cerebral! This six-part season adds a Hollywood twist to its classic mind-bending format by challenging the world’s biggest celebrities to realise their exceptional brain power through fun and highly entertaining interactive games, illusions and social experiments. 
Stacked with A-list celebrities (including Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Jack Black, Mark Cuban, Ted Danson, Tiffany Haddish, Dax Shepard, Megan Trainor and Rebel Wilson), science and shocking revelations and filmed in front of a studio audience, BRAIN GAMES merges brain power with star power as celebrities perform challenges that reveal the science behind what makes us tick. The in-studio audience, and the viewers at home, can play along as Key and master mentalist Suchard lead these A-listers through mind-bending neuroscience.
Host Keegan-Michael Keyalong with world-famous mentalist Lior Suchard and field correspondent and science communicator Cara Santa Maria, guide celebrities through fun and exciting experiments, illusions and demonstrations that will help them realise their untapped brain power. The results are hilarious, surprising and interactive, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.