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National Geographic Feature Documentaries



National Geographic Feature Documentaries


Sundays from 7 July at 7.30pm Channel 072

A collection of National Geographic's best feature length documentaries.  Every week is a new theme with titles including Free Solo, Jane, LA 92: The Riots, Apollo: Missions to the Moon, Inside Syria's Deadly Dynasty, Gender Revolution, Atlantis Rising, Diana In Her Own Words (anniversary), 9/11 The War Continues, and He Named Me Malala.

All documentaries will be aired with no break interruptions during the 7.30pm slot throughout the stunt period, films featured in August and September are as follows:

7th July - Free Solo

14th July - Hell On Earth: The Fall of Syria and The Rise of ISIS

21st July - Jane

28th July - Apollo: Missions to The Moon

4th August - LA 92: The Riots

11th August - Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric

18th August - Inside Syria's Deadly Dynasty

25th August - Atlantis Rising

1st September - Diana: In Her Own Words

8th September - 9/11: The Longest War

15th September - U.S. Secret Service: On the Front Line

22nd September - Before the Flood

29th September - He Named Me Malala