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Hostile Planet



Hostile Planet


Sundays at 8.30pm Channel 072

Unflinching look at the volatility of Mother Nature and the resilient animals that survive Earth’s most extreme habitats. Hosted by famed adventurer and survivalist Bear Grylls, and hailing from Academy Award winner Guillermo Navarro,  Emmy- and Bafta-winning natural history filmmakers and plimsoll productions, this six-part nature docuseries will breathe new life into the natural history genre. Each episode characterises one of the planet’s roughest environments — including jungles, mountains, deserts, oceans, the poles and grasslands — and how each of its inhabitants acclimate to its turn of events. Grylls will act as guide through these extreme locations as National Geographic draws attention to the most extraordinary — almost supernatural — accounts of animals that have conformed to the cruellest evolutionary curveballs.