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Notre Dame: Race Against the Inferno



Notre Dame: Race Against the Inferno


Tuesday 17 September at 7.30pm Channel 072

April 15th, 2019. 18h20. An alarm rings while Holy Monday’s mass is under way at Notre-Dame de Paris. Notre Dame, the architectural, cultural and religious landmark, is burning and no one knows yet how much of it can be saved. This is the starting point of a fight of epic proportions: a fifteen hours long race against the clock before the eyes of the whole world, holding their breaths. Using exclusive footage, interviews as well as CGI and re-enactments, we follow minute by minute Notre Dame’s tragedy and explain how first responders tackled every single technical challenge presented by a monument of this age, height and width. It is a visually stunning documentary featuring exclusive images coming from French fire and police services. By showing their work and courage, by analysing and understanding their key decisions, we ultimately pay tribute to those who risked their lives to save Notre Dame and its treasures.