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Sea of Shadows



Sea of Shadows


Available On Demand Channel 072

Called “heroic and heartrending” and “a stirring adventure” by The Hollywood Reporter after its Sundance premiere, and winner of the Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary, Sea of Shadows is a tense thriller that spotlights a rescue mission to save a collapsing ecosystem and with it, the vaquita - the most endangered and elusive whale on earth.  

In the Sea of Cortez, a war is being waged by Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers.  A native species of fish, the totoaba, are being poached at an alarming rate because of a superstitious belief among some in China that their bladders — which cost more per ounce than gold — possess miraculous healing powers. Nicknamed the “cocaine of the sea,” these extremely rare fish have triggered a multimillion-dollar black market that threatens not only their existence, but virtually all marine life in the region - including the endangered whale known as the vaquita.    
Sea of Shadows goes inside the fight for survival as a team of brilliant scientists, high-tech conservationists, investigative journalists, undercover agents and the Mexican Navy put their lives on the line to save the last remaining vaquita and bring the vicious international crime syndicate to justice.