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Superstructures: Engineering Marvels



Superstructures: Engineering Marvels


Wednesdays at 8.30pm Channel 072

Superstructures: Engineering Marvels is a blue-chip new series that reveals the extraordinary feats of engineering that are hidden the world’s most spectacular man-made constructions. In each episode, we strip one construction down layer by layer using cutting edge CGI. Each time a layer is removed, a game changing innovation is revealed. Giant planes, skyscrapers, ships or dams are all given the same treatment but its only when the construction is reduced to a skeleton that exposes its core that we fully understand it and appreciate what makes it unique. Insights from world class engineers, architects, and construction teams complete the each lavishly illustrated and factually rich programme.

This programme is part of the 'Megabuild Wednesdays' stunt on National Geographic.